Paradise for kids and peace for parents!

We invite you to check out our holiday complex placed in seaside of Darłowo. Cottages are located on the picturesque grass terrain, with windmills on the horizon which only adds to overall beauty of our place. Here, you can peacefully rest from urban noise and restore your strenght for another year.

About Darłówko

Darłowo is medieval, harbor city located by the Baltic Sea near Wieprza and Grabowa rivers. Darłowo and its seaside part - Darłówko, is touristic place with highly developed harbor, modern marina, wide and sandy beaches, many monuments and the only aqua park on polish shore with genuine Baltic Sea water...


Price list

270 zł cottage 4 people
300 zł cottage 5 people
320 zł cottage 6 people
CORPUS CHRISTI 15.06-19.06
270 zł cottage 4 people
300 zł cottage 5 people
320 zł cottage 6 people
220 zł cottage 4 people
240 zł cottage 5 people
260 zł cottage 6 people
250 zł cottage 4 people
280 zł cottage 5 people
300 zł cottage 6 people
300 zł cottage 4 people
330 zł cottage 5 people
350 zł cottage 6 people
260 zł cottage 4 people
290 zł cottage 5 people
310 zł cottage 6 people
We have a brick house in the center of Darłowo in a quiet and peaceful
place with an area of 60 m2 on a plot of 550 m2 (offer and gallery soon).
Important info:
- You can pay for your stay with tourist vouchers.
- If you want an invoice for your stay, it is necessary to inform about it when making the reservation. Otherwise it will not be possible to issue an invoice after check-out.